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                Welcome to visit Suzhou Lewan Needle textile Co., Ltd Official website!
                About Us
                Suzhou Lewan Needle textile Co., Ltd

                Suzhou Lewan Needle textile Co., Ltd mainly engaged in: flannel, coral velvet, Beibei cashmere / checkered flannel / hive velvet, ant cloth, Shu velveteen, PV cashmere, shake fleece, velour, elastic super soft, South Korea velvet, velvet, beijirong, beautiful velvet, island composite fabric, Lycra small such as Terry products. The company respected "pragmatic, hard work, responsibility, spirit of enterprise and integrity, a win-win situation, create business philosophy...

                Established in
                Million registered capital
                Industry experience
                Daily output
                Promote industry progress and promote social development!
                Lewan Knitting is trustworthy!
                Self-produced and sold all kinds of knitted velvet
                Main business: Flannel, Coral Fleece, Beibei Fleece / Check Fleece / Honeycomb Fleece, Ant Cloth, Shu Cotton Fleece, PV Fleece, Polar Fleece, Non-inverted Fleece, Super Soft Elastic, Korean Fleece, Velvet, Arctic Fleece, Beautiful velvet composite island velvet, pull frame small loop and other products
                InnovatingMultiple patents

                Continuous new product development, continuous quality assurance. Provide one-stop professional services from weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing and processing. Take brand-new management mode, perfect technology, considerate service and excellent quality as the basis for survival

                Technical Service SupportCustomized services on demand
                The company respects the enterprise spirit of "pragmatic, hard work, and responsibility", and creates a good corporate environment with integrity, win-win, and innovative business philosophy. Always insist on customer first, serve customers with heart, and insist on impressing customers with their own services
                Zhang Jingli
                97 Yinhe Road, Southeast Development Zone, Changshu City
                Mobile site

                Su Public Network Security No. 32058102001246